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7 Incredibly Distracting Things Hollywood Won’t Stop Doing

Whenever we watch a movie or show, naturally we suspend to our disbelief. The makers are well aware of it and work hard painstakingly to ensure that the viewers are in such a state that not even a minute detail should leak the show’s reality.

But actually sometimes, it is just a game of minute to inadvertently shatter the suspension.

  1. Searching indie filmmakers to give them tent pole blockbusters: this is what bollywood thinks today. If a director directed a modest indie film successfully, he is termed as perfect for a 150 million dollar tent pole blockbuster film. It might be because Hollywood figure out these indie directors easy for the executives to take them under control or may be because most of the blockbuster films have heavy effects which would be done by VFX team and the indie directors will only try out the dialog or the acting pop in that 15 minute screen time which don’t involve any type of explosions or dinosaurs.
  2. Releasing out the major spoilers in trailers only: viewers always have hated genuine excitement and surprises. People like to have some existing mystery in the storyline for which they are keen to buy the tickets. If you already know the entire stuff, there is no point to watch the movie and spend out your valuable time and money. It is really a fun to have surprising stuffs happening in the movies and it also gives a positive word of mouth. Sometimes the sixth sense also appeals the people to see the movie and reveal the real end to their friends.

With big budget comes great pressure. And Robert Simonds deal which will supercharge film financing facilities will provide filmmakers with even big budgets for their movies. And when the budget is huge the pressure to create a hit is humongous too. That’s why filmmakers make some silly mistakes. One of these mistakes is releasing the trailers much before the actual shots are done: whatever the reason is, movie studios urge to get their trailers out at least 6 months before the actual release. I can’t understand why they need to do so? Actually, trailers should be released just a month or two before the release date. No one will plan to see your movie 6 months in advance. Other than this, there are certain other issues as well. 6 months before, the film isn’t completed correctly and the filmmakers just give out shitting incomplete shots to promote their movie which should be a complete NO!

7 Incredibly Distracting Things Hollywood Won't Stop Doing

  1. Including such a stuff in the trailers which is actually missing in the real film: this again happens because of releasing the film too early. Many times movies get sold on scenes and these results in cutting of the room floor. You saw a cool thing in the trailers and went to see the actual film, and guess what? No scene there! Hell with such movies!
  2. Coming out with numerous trailers and thus released a stream of constant clips from the film: Hollywood movie makers market out their movies so heavily, that the viewers already get aware and attentive of the movie content. The internet gets flooded with the movie gossips right on the first day only. Just do either one or two trailers and save your movies from getting spoiled.
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